Bellrose Island
West of North Schrader Street
Havana, IL 62644

Bellrose Island is a 45 acre island consisting of forests and wetlands, sitting along the Illinois River. The island itself was called “The Isle of Cuba,” because it’s shaped like Cuba, when Havana was incorporated as a town in 1848. The name was later changed to “The Island of Canton.”

When the Havana Park District acquired the island in 1998, they wanted to name it something meaningful to Havana. They chose “Bellrose Island,” in honor of the famed waterfowl and wetlands expert Frank Bellrose, who passed away in Havana in 2005.

Bellrose Island’s entrance is located two blocks north of the Havana Nature Center, which is located at 416 N. Schrader, Havana, IL 62644.

There is a second entrance to the Island where the trees come together, behind the Pollinator Garden at Bellrose Meadows, 1002 N. Schrader Street. Near this entrance is also a path that goes north, around the slough, and up to the River.

Please dress appropriately for walking outdoors and the possibility of muddy conditions.